About Food Converter

Have you ever had the need to measure cooking ingredients precisely but you didn’t have a scale or measuring cup? You had probably searched the internet, found a bunch of spreadsheets of cooking conversions and ended up getting confused with them.

So, what about a simple calculator that will do convert this for you?

The idea behind Food Converter came about while baking a cake as we needed to weigh the ingredients without a scale. How much is 200 g of flour in cups? And which cup should I use to match the ratio with 150 ml of milk? After awhile we realized that other chefs and cooks might have the same problem so we decided to make the Food Converter.

What is the purpose of the Food Converter?

Food Converter is a calculator of cooking ingredients converting between metric and non-metric aka. “cooking” units. It can calculate the conversions between grams, liters, standard cups and spoons of dry and liquid food ingredients. It uses the basic items found in every kitchen and simplifies the calculations.

Why is Food Converter different from other cooking calculators?

Many of the other converters uses spreadsheets, and thus you need to manually calculate the needed quantities or the conversions using the density of certain ingredient. We know that we use the full-spoon in the kitchen and that you can put more flour in the cup by shaking it down a bit – that is what the Food Converter takes into account and uses in performing those calculations. For more details about measuring read the section about measuring tips.

Current and future work

  • add more ingredients to it
  • translation to other languages that every mum could understand it
  • conversions to british and US units.

If you are willing to help us with translations or measuring, have another suggestion just send us a note and we will reply shortly.

Idea and design: Ana Flašker

Making Food Converter works: Matej Korbar