How to Measure Common Baking Ingredients in Cups

When you cook a dish, the recipe might come with several types of measurements, including the cup ratio. No matter if you are looking to find out how much does a cup of flour weight or any other ingredient like cacao, sugar or rice, here is how to determine the exact quantity.
You can use a dry measuring cup. This features a 1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup and ¼ cup measure suitable for almost all baking ingredients. If you measure dry ingredients like flour or sugar, you will have to use a basic spoon. Also, keep in mind that you should level the quantity in the spoon for a more accurate result.

Also, you can use the measuring cup for liquids like water, oil or milk. The trick is to position the measuring cup on a level surface to make sure the liquid reaches the right level.
The standard conversions for ingredients used in baking are:

1 cup of flour142 grams5 ounces
1 cup of granulated sugar198 grams7 ounces
1 cup of powdered sugar113 grams4 ounces
1 cup of cocoa powder85 grams3 ounces
1 cup of rice175 grams8.82 ounces
0.5 cup of flour71 grams2.5 ounces
0.5 cup of granulated sugar99 grams3.5 ounces
0.5 cup of powdered sugar107 grams2 ounces
0.5 cup of cocoa powder43 grams1.5 ounces
0.5 cup of rice88 grams4.5 ounces


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